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GIS Data Request Form

  1. Requestor's Information
  2. Please select the appropriate box for the priority of your data request. *
  3. Please describe the specific GIS data being requested.
  4. Please be as detailed and specific as possible regarding the intended purpose of this request. Also, please indicate specifically how the GIS data requested will be utilized within your organization.
  5. Provide the specific township/range of your request.
  6. Please indicate the method that is expected to be used to deliver this report to the end user. The default for Campbell County is to send the data to the organization contact email address specified above in a shape file format. However, if a different method of delivery of data format is intended, please specify.
  7. Please add any additional information that should be considered during the process to address this GIS data request.
  8. Disclaimer
    Once this form is received, Campbell County personnel will review the request to determine if it can be fulfilled. Any GIS data that will be provided is not intended for use, copy, distribution or delivery to anyone except for the intended addressee. Any plans to share this GIS data with another party must be approved by Campbell County. All reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure that the GIS information is the latest data available. Due to sudden and constant changes to our system, the data provided is considered out-of-date upon receipt and should only be used for guidance purposes, consulting or permitting Campbell County projects.
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