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CARE Board Application

  • Step One

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    2. Please mark your Qualifications for Appointment.*
    3. If elected, you will be responsible for the following duties. Please mark that you will fulfill these responsibilities if elected.*
      1. Attend and participate in all meetings and work sessions.  Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month at the Campbell County Courthouse in the Commissioners Conference Room. 
      2. Live by the democratic principle of a board
      3. Promote the cause of the Board such as speaking to groups and organizations
      4. Must be available to attend City/County meetings that impact the Campbell County CARE Board
      5. Stay current on what human service agencies of Campbell County are doing
      6. Participate in the functions of the Campbell County CARE Board as described
      7. Recognize and address the needs of low-income people
      8. A successful CARE Board member will be a person working for the good of the community and the low-income people whom they serve versus good of the individual (i.e. no axe to grind, all inclusive, the big picture, and no individual agenda). 
      9. Must be able to participate actively in the development, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs serving the low-income community