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1. Are ‘Shomes’ (shop/homes—pole barn style) allowed in Residential Subdivisions?
2. I live in a Residential zoned subdivision. Can I build a ‘Mother-in-Law’s’ unit, (commonly referred to as an ‘ADU’ Accessory Dwelling Unit) or convert part of my shop into a living area?
3. I own an undeveloped parcel in a zoned subdivision—can I build just a shop on my land?
4. I live in a platted, zoned subdivision, and want to build a free-standing shop/garage. How big can I build my shop/garage?
5. I bought a lot in a platted, zoned subdivision. I want to live in my RV while I build my house. Can I do that?
6. My property is un-zoned and not in a platted subdivision. Are there any regulations that affect me?