When and why does the assessor's office visit my house?

There are a few reasons we do site visits to property. One of the main reasons is if we have gotten a building permit or seen that you are building something new on your land, such as a home or garage / shop. Field appraisers are out all year round measuring new construction.

Another reason we may be at your property is because of reviews. The state requires that we physically review every property in the county at least once every four years. To make this more time efficient we visit 1/4 of the county each year.

We are also required to verify ownership of all mobile homes every year. If we cannot reach an owner by phone we will drive to the home and speak to them or leave a door hanger for them to call us.

Finally we will come out to your house if you request it during appeals time. We would do this if you believed that we had the home valued too high or low and wanted to show us what defects or improvements would affect the value, that we may have missed.

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