Why the camel as the high school mascot?
We did some research on this a few years ago and our best conclusion is that it is an alliteration of "Campbell County." Newspaper records from the early 1920's often refer to CCHS teams as the "Campbells" and once as the "Gillette Razors" and it appears that no mascot had been chosen. The Gillette News from October 20, 1921 is the first issue with CAMELS in it. The article is about football and is titled "Gillette Razors Couldn't Trim Newcastle." The first line is "The Gillette camels traveled over the sands of the east last Friday and met the Knights of Newcastle in combat." Despite this mention of camels and another a week later, the teams continued to often be called the "Campbells." We talked to R. R. Oedekoven about it several years ago and she said that her father Mark Richmond, CCHS Superintendent, chose Camel as the mascot in 1921. This adoption of a mascot probably coincided with the creation of the first high school football team in 1921.

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