Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil

Currently, the Campbell County Landfill is only accepting small quantities of hydrocarbon contaminated soil with the prior approval of a landfill supervisor.  For large quantities, please contact Republic Services at 307-358-8444 or Lightning Butte at 307-670-4970. 

If the soil is approved for disposal at the Campbell County Landfill, please see the following;

  • The soil may require special testing, 
  • The landfill requires a 24-hour notice prior to delivery.
  • Make arrangements for payment before bringing the soil to the landfill. The landfill accepts cash, in state checks, credit cards, or you may fill out a Campbell County Credit Application to set up a charge account.
  • All wastes must pass a paint filter test. If there are any free liquids (i.e. water, oil, diesel or gasoline) or any other hazardous wastes, the load will be rejected. 
  • Campbell County reserves the right to require the completion of additional forms including a Statement of Responsibility and/or a Contaminated Soil Record Form.