Dumping Guidelines

Materials Accepted for Disposal

  • Commercial MSW
  • C&D Material
  • Household Waste
  • Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil
  • Clean wood
  • Tires (no rims) Do not put tires in dumpsters.  Bring them directly to the landfill.
  • Poly-pipe
  • Yard Waste (yard waste can be taken to the City of Gillette Waste Water Treatment plant free of charge)
  • Trailer houses (must be empty)
  • Appliances (appliances that contain or once contained Freon will be charged a $35.00 dumping fee) Do not put refrigerators, freezers or AC units in dumpsters.  Bring them directly to the landfill.
  • Scrap metal

Prohibited Materials

  • Pesticides containers not cleaned, crushed or opened
  • Drums not emptied, cleaned or opened
  • PCB or Dioxin containing solid waste
  • Friable asbestos
  • Motor vehicles
  • Recyclables (take to 909 Westover Road)

General Requirements and Information

  • Before bringing your load to the landfill, keep in mind that your load may need to be sorted. 
  • Please tarp or strap your load. All unsecured loads entering the landfill will be charged a $25.00 fee for residential loads and $50.00 for commercial loads. Upon the first Uncovered Load Fee, residents will receive an 8' by 10' tarp for the use in covering future loads. Subsequent Uncovered Load Violations will not receive a tarp.
  • All wastes are required to pass a paint filter test and must not contain any free liquids or hazardous wastes. 
  • Pull onto the scale slowly, stop, and interact with the scale house attendant. 
  • Dispose of loads as directed by Solid Waste staff.
  • When disposing of boats, motorcycles and lawn care equipment, please make sure all fluids have been drained prior to  bringing them to the landfill.
  • Refrigerators and freezers must be empty of all food products and the doors must be removed.
  • Children and pets must remain in your vehicle at all times.
  • Salvaging of material from the landfill or recycling center is prohibited.
  • Be aware that when transporting waste to the North Landfill, you may be subject to City litter ordinances while in town and State Litter Laws on US HWY 14-16 and US HWY 59 as well as the uncovered/unsecured loads fee at the landfill.  

Commercial Carrier Opportunity

Commercial Carriers may be able to take advantage of a commercial-only scale and electronic kiosk allowing quick scaling and entry to the landfill, with no scaling on the way out. Carrier vehicles will need to be preregistered and tared to utilize this service.