Zoning Regulations

Here you will find information about Campbell County's Zoning Regulations. Campbell County does not have county-wide zoning. Zoned areas are predominately around the corporate limits of the City of Gillette and the Town of Wright and in subdivided areas. All new subdivisions are required to zone their property.

All activities, including new construction, businesses, new and replacement signs, within zoned areas are REQUIRED to obtain a Zoning Certificate from the Planning and Zoning Office prior to commencement of any project. The application to obtain a Zoning Certificate can be found below.

The County Zoning Regulations are available below for download. Pre-printed copies are available in the Public Works Office for a nominal fee. Please see the County Zoning Information Web Map for up-to-date property zoning designations.

Do you need a zoning letter? Many commercial activities require a zoning verification letter for the State review agency (WYDOT, WDEQ, etc). Please contact us at 307-682-1970 with the legal description and/or address of the project location, the type of activity (scoria pit, trailer sales, etc), your company information and who the letter is for. We can send you a .pdf of the letter and can mail hard copies at request.

Questions about zoning? Contact the Planning and Zoning Office at: 307-682-1970.

Zoning Information