Collection Highlights

The Campbell County Rockpile Museum has over 25,000 objects, books, photographs, and documents in its collections. At any one time, it is estimated that only 25% of the objects are on display in our galleries. The remaining objects are stored safely in our collections storage areas.

The Rockpile Museum has so many great artifacts on display that we could never show all of them on our website. Therefore, we'll just show you a few of the most popular objects in the museum. You can see these popular objects and some of our favorites in our Collections Highlights Gallery.

The museum features outstanding collections of the following items:
  • Firearms
  • Horse-drawn vehicles and farm equipment
  • Saddles and cowboy equipment
  • Bits and spurs
  • Native American artifacts
  • Homestead-era household goods
  • Blacksmith tools
  • Printing presses and associated tools
  • Photographs and postcards