Road & Bridge

Campbell County Road and Bridge handles a large network of roads that service the agriculture, mining and oil and gas industries in a county that is nearly 50 miles wide and 100 miles long. We have approximately 190 miles of hot-mix asphalt paved roads and 830 miles of gravel roads. Our infrastructure also includes 13 bridges and hundreds of culverts and signage.

Snow Plowing

With our fleet of plow and sander trucks we perform snow removal and sanding on the paved roads of the county. Scoria chips, produced by our personnel from a local pit, are used as traction control and for sanding the roadway intersections. Loader tractors with blades are used to clear snow in parking lots of the Detention Center, Public Health, Library, Children's Center, Senior Center, and Rockpile Museum. In addition to our plow trucks, our motor grader fleet performs snow removal on the graveled roads. Once the county roads are opened, we perform some cursory and courtesy plowing of platted subdivisions.

Road Maintenance

County crews perform numerous road maintenance tasks ranging from blading to smooth the road, cattleguard repair, right-of-way mowing, crack sealing, pot-hole patching, culvert cleaning, tree trimming, and maintenance as well as signage. Our crusher personnel make road base aggregates that are delivered to roads by our belly and end dump truck fleet. Blading, shaping, and compacting of the roadway surface is performed by motor graders with attached rollers. As conditions warrant, dust suppressants are applied to select areas to assist with dust mitigation.


Our department is responsible for permitting such activities as roadway approaches, overhead line crossings, road bores, and pipelines in our rights of way. Whether it be a new landowner or homeowner requiring an approach, or a service company laying a pipeline, we provide timely service and assistance in permitting so the installed facility meets the permittee's needs as well as preserves the functionality and integrity of our roads.

Other Community Roles

Depending on the needs, we also provided support to the fire department by providing motor graders or bulldozers to assist in containing and controlling wild land fires. During some large events at CAM-PLEX, we provide assistance by hauling or blading material. We also perform snow removal and maintenance on bike paths that run adjacent to some of our county roads (Union Chapel, Southern Drive, Garner Lake Road).