Planning & Zoning Division

Roles and Responsibilities

The Campbell County Planning Division oversees the county's zoning regulations. The purpose of the Planning Division is:

  • To establish reasonable standards for design and construction of subdivisions and re-subdivisions in order to provide harmonious layout and use of the land, and to insure accurate and legal descriptions and monumentation of subdivisions.
  • To guide the public and private policy and action in order to provide adequate and convenient transportation, utilities, educational, and other public facilities, parks, recreation, civil defense, fire protection, light, and air.
  • To minimize population and traffic congestion, air and water pollution, and flood damage, resulting from inadequate land planning, including provisions for minimum area and width of lots and tracts, proper location and width of streets and roads, adequacy of water source and of sewage and solid waste disposal methods, and adequacy of drainage and flood control facilities.
  • To promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the present and future residents of Campbell County.
  • To protect and preserve the value of land and buildings throughout Campbell County, to minimize the conflicts among the uses of land and buildings, and to safeguard the common interests of the public, the landowner, and the sub-divider.

Useful Information