Personnel Committee


  • 9 a.m.
  • The first Monday of every month
  • Aspen Room, Campbell County Courthouse Basement


  • Jane Glaser, Chairman (Public Health)
  • ReNae Keuck, Vice-chair (CAM-PLEX)
  • Natalie Terrell, Member (CC Children’s Developmental Service)
  • Pam Merchen, Member (District Court Clerk’s Office)
  • Michalene Seeman, Member (Sheriff’s Office)
  • Dwayne Dillinger, Member (Parks and Recreation)
  • Faye Jorgenson, Member (Human Resources/Risk Management)
  • Brandy Elder, Liaison (Human Resources / Risk Management Director)

About the Committee 

The Personnel Committee has completed the task of writing classification specifications in an objective and equitable manner. The committee would like to thank all departments for cooperating positively in this project. The classifications are posted on the county’s homepage. You can view the list of county classifications along with their range and band number. The Personnel Committee will continue to maintain the Point Factor Job Evaluation System and review any new approved positions.