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Saddle and Leatherwork Exhibit

Rockpile Museum Saddles

The horse played a critical role in the development of the western plains. Horses were essential for transportation, hunting, managing livestock, military protection, and pulling wagons, stagecoaches, and plows to work the land. The Campbell County Rockpile Museum has had a saddle collection since its opening in 1974. In addition to saddles owned by local cowboys, ranchers, and homesteaders, the collection includes saddles and other artifacts made by leather workers in Campbell County. Recently, this exhibit has been renovated and expanded. A saddle maker’s workbench outfitted with the essential tools used to build and repair saddles and harnesses is now on exhibit. A McClellan saddle representative of those used in this region by the U.S. Cavalry from the 1860s to the early 1900s is another recent addition. Other features include a Wyoming Centennial Saddle built by Matt Avery, a century-old stitching horse, a series of tooled squares showing the steps involved in creating a finished piece of tooled leather, videos illustrating the use of various leatherworking tools, and a history of Campbell County saddle makers. Come see the saddles and other leather artifacts that were an integral part of life for the early residents of our county.

Centennial and McClellan Saddles

Saddler's Workbench

Local Saddle Makers

Leatherwork Case