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She Served Too: Campbell County Women in World War II

The Rockpile Museum’s newest original exhibit, She Served Too: Campbell County Women in World War II, is now open to the public. Over three dozen women from Campbell County served in all branches of the military during the second World War and were stationed both at home and abroad. See authentic uniforms, recruitment videos, and incredible photographs while learning more about the military branches they served in and their contributions to the war effort.

About seventy percent of women who served in the military during World War II worked as typists, clerks, and mail sorters. By filling office jobs that would otherwise be held by men, women freed more men to fight. Women were not permitted to participate in armed conflict, but their duties often brought them close to the front lines. The women of Campbell County were no exception in this valiant effort. Their service ranged from supply clerks and pharmacist mates, to yeoman and flight nurses. They served in the WAC, WAVES, USMCWR, SPARS and Army Nurse Corps. Several served overseas and achieved high ranks. Learn more about women such as Mary Gayl Gibson who was the first local woman to enlist in the Coast Guard SPARS or Rachel Hemenway who was reported to be the first War Nurse from Campbell County. Make sure not to miss this exciting exhibit celebrating the women of Campbell County. 

She Served Too

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Limited communication methods in the earliest years of Campbell County meant that business owners needed to find innovative ways to market their establishments. From matchbooks and toy trucks to key rings and calendars, advertising methods have been creative and plentiful over the past century. Advertising is meant to persuade, and the themes and techniques that were used in advertising reveal a part of the nation's history.

Created in conjunction with the Smithsonian traveling exhibit, “The Way We Worked,” this display highlights the expansive and rapidly changing business history of Campbell County. Often following the boom and bust cycles of the region, a wide range of businesses have operated in Campbell County, including nearly 100 cafés and restaurants, more than four dozen hotels and motels, and a realm of grocers and gas stations.

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