Library of Things

AV Equipment

To reserve AV equipment, call the Circulation Department at 307.682.3223. Reservations are not required, but to ensure availability, we recommend you reserve as far in advance as possible. Reservations can be made up to 3 months in advance.

Late fees are charged per day per piece of equipment for all equipment regardless of original fee. All equipment is carefully inspected, cleaned, and repaired after each use. Do not repair any equipment damage. Inform the staff of any problems when equipment is returned.


EquipmentFee per dayRenewal fee (per day)Late fee (per day)
Digital camera$5$5$10
Digital recorder$5$5$10
EaselNo chargeNo charge$1
GoPro Camera$5$5$10
Opaque Projector$2$2$5
Overhead Projector$2$2$5
Portable Bluetooth Speaker$2$2$5
Portable Blu-Ray/DVD Player$5 for 21 days$5 for 21 days$1
Portable CD PlayerNo chargeNo charge$1
Portable P.A.$2$2$5
Portable Record Player$5 for 21 days$5 for 21 days$1
Presentation Projector$15$15$30
ScreenNo chargeNo charge$1
Slide Projector$2$2$5
Telescope$5 for 7 days$5 for 7 days$1
TripodNo charge
No charge

Backpack Kits

  • Bird Watching & Stargazing Field Guide – CCPL 
    Backpack includes: Binoculars • Gosky Digiscoping Adapter • The Miller Planisphere Latitude 50 degrees North • Birds of Wyoming Field Guide by Stan Tekiela • National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Night Sky by Andrew Fazekas
  • State Parks - CCPL and WBL
    Backpack includes: State Park day-use entry pass (rear-view mirror hanger) • Binoculars • Bug box • Compass • Magnifying glass • Critters of Wyoming pocket guide • Geology pocket guide • Weather pocket guide • Wyoming Birds pocket guide • Wyoming Trees & Wildflower pocket guide • Wyoming Wildlife pocket guide
  • Backpack Kits check out for 14 days.

Baking Pans - WBL

WBL has a collection of 24 baking pans that checkout. Pans include: bundt, muffin, mini loaf, spring form, character mold pans, and many more. Search the catalog to see the full collection and check availability. Pans check out for 3 days.

Board Games - CCPL

67 difference board games for children and adults. Games include: Pictionary, Candyland, Apples-to-Apples, Battleship, Name 5, Scattergories, Sorry! and many more. Search the catalog to see the full collection and check availability. Games check out for 14 days.

Literacy Kits - CCPL Children's Department

Check-out our Early Literacy Kits designed to build literacy skills from birth-age 8. Each themed kit typically includes 3-5 books, DVD, interactive toys, a music CD, and tips for parents.  Search the catalog to see the full collection and check availability. Kits check out for 21 days. 

Photo Light Box – CCPL and WBL

This contains a popup box tent with backdrop, built in light, tripod and mount for attaching a phone to the tripod. This can be used to take professional looking pictures of products for online sale and promotion. Checkout period varies.

STEAM Kits - CCPL Children's Department and WBL

Come check-out our STEAM kits! Explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math with fun at-home activities. We have over 25 kits to choose from. Search the catalog to see the full collection and check availability. Kits checkout for 14 days to adult patrons only and require a signed user agreement. Limit 3 kits per checkout.

Vinyl Record Player – CCPL

Do you have vinyl records that you cannot play because you don’t have a player? Your library does! It plays both full albums and 45s. This vinyl record player checks out for $5 for 3 weeks.

Young Adult Craft Kits - CCPL Teen Room

Check out a YA craft kit to engage your creativity at home! We have three perler bead kits that contain a travel iron, silicone pad, a jar of perler beads, and various pattern tiles.  Glue gun kits contain a glue gun and various glue sticks. Search the catalog to check availability. Kits check out for 14 days.