Professional Recording Studios

Individuals and small business owners looking to start up, grow, create high-quality web content and/or promotional materials can take advantage of these resources. Reference Staff will provide basic help and our Linkedin Learning database has many easy-to-use tutorials to teach you more about video editing, creating quality content, and more.

Learn more about the Video Lab and Sound Lab.

3D Printers

3D printers are available at your libraries in Gillette and Wright. The printers are LulzBot 3D printers. The required filament diameter is 3mm and the hot end temperature range is 120°C – 300°C Nozzle diameter is 0.5mm. File must be submitted in .STL format. We will not print items that take more than 10 hours to print. Printing costs 10¢ a gram.

Digitization Station

This station allows patrons to convert VHS to digital film, cassette tapes to digital audio and film and negatives to digital pictures. The station can be reserved for 4-hour blocks and staff are available to assist with the process.