Animal Control

Shelter for any abandoned, found, stray or impounded animal is provided by the City Of Gillette Animal Shelter.

A Friendly Reminder to Pet Owners

Sheriff's Office animal control officers take in hundreds of dogs and cats each year. Officers rescue lost and stray animals and pick up animals that have bitten people.

All pets must be vaccinated for rabies had have an identification (ID) tag. Lost pets with collars and ID tags have a very good chance of being returned home.

Dangerous Animals

If your dog bites someone, approaches and chases people, or inflicts severe damage, it can be declared by the court as a dangerous dog. The dog could be subjected to confiscation, confinement regulations, penalties or result in the animal being destroyed.

Never approach a wild or domesticated injured animal.

Report Animal Issues

Please contact the Sheriff's Office if you see or suspect the following:

  • Animal abuse
  • Abandoned animal
  • Animal bite
  • Animal neglect or cruelty
  • Stray animal

**Licensing/Adoption Information**


A stray animal is held for a minimum of 72 hours by the county and 48 hours by the city. When a licensed animal is impounded, every effort is made to contact the owner. If your pet is turned in, you will be charged a fee based on the services that are provided. This fee may include impound, boarding, quarantine, or license. While every effort is made to locate the owner, it is your responsibility to contact the shelter if your pet is missing.