Wyoming weather is like no other.

Campbell County Emergency Management Agency is the point of contact with the National Weather Service, and provides first-hand weather information to the community. For up-to-date information on significant events in the Campbell County area, tune to this page.


Wondering whether you'll have sunshine, snow, wind, or rain? Check your weather forecast at the National Weather Service's website.

Emergency Tips

A few tips from Campbell County Emergency workers:


  • Don't take back roads to get around highways that have been closed off. They're likely to be equally impassible.
  • If caught by a winter storm while driving, stay in the vehicle.
  • Keep candles and matches in your home, along with warm clothing and blankets.
  • Keep cold-weather gear in the vehicle.


  • Learn if your home is in a flood-prone area.
  • Move valuables to higher ground.
  • Raise breakers, fuse boxes, and meters above the anticipated flood level.


  • All family members should practice an escape plan so everyone knows where to go in the event of a fire.
  • Buy fire extinguishers, learn how to use them, and have the inspected every year.
  • Install fire alarms on every level and outside every bedroom. Replace batteries twice a year. An easy way to remember is to switch them every time the clocks are changed for daylight saving's time.


  • Anchor mobile homes with appropriate tie-downs.
  • Purchase a battery-operated radio to listen for weather updates.
  • Tie down loose items to keep them from becoming dangerous missiles.