Local Emergency Planning Committee


  • Noon
  • Fourth Tuesday of every month
  • Ponderosa Room George Amos Memorial Building
    412 S. Gillette Ave.
    Gillette, Wyoming 82716


Members of the LEPC represent the various organizations, agencies, departments, facilities, and other groups within the county.
  • Charlie Messenheimer, Chairman - Campbell County Public Health Department
  • David King - Secretary/Treasurer - Campbell County Emergency Management Agency
  • Jane Glaser RN - Campbell County Public Health Department
  • Randy Bury - Campbell County Public Health Response Coordinator
  • Krisene Watson - American Red Cross
  • Doug Evans - Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Consumer Health Specialist
  • Rebecca Dow - Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Consumer Health Specialist
  • J.R. Fox, Battalion Chief - Campbell County Fire Department
  • Lt. Kevin Theis - Campbell County Sheriff's Office
  • Bernadette Hinshaw - Industry
  • Ashley Fraser - Industry
  • DaLyn Hugo - Industry
  • Scott Blakesly - Industry
  • Elizabeth Hatfield - Industry
  • Mark Allison - Industry
  • Chris Beltz - Campbell County Memorial Hospital EMS Director
  • Diane Monahan - City of Gillette Water Department
  • Chuck Deaton - City of Gillette Emergency Management / Police Department
  • Raegin DuVall - Department of Family Services
  • Jay Lundell - Campbell County Airport
  • Todd Chatfield - Campbell County Airport
  • Natalie Tucker - Campbell County Memorial Hospital
  • Rod Warne - Public
  • Dan Smith - Industry
  • Keith Graves - Industry
  • Veronica Taylor - Public
  • Noland Peacock - Public

Roles & Responsibilities

The role of the LEPC is to form a partnership between state and local governments, responders, industry, and the public as an enhancement for mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, planning, exercising, and training.

In addition to its formal duties, the LEPC serves as the focal point in the community for information and discussion about emergency planning, training, and exercises. Residents may ask the LEPC questions about hazards and risk management actions.

Tier II Chemical Inventory

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, facilities covered by Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) requirements must submit an Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Form to the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), and the local fire department annually.

These forms, known as Tier II reports in the state of Wyoming are kept on file in the Campbell County Emergency Management Agency Office.

Resources and Links:

Wyoming State Emergency Response Commiission (SERC) Tier 2 Submit Software downloadable from EPA (Free)
Computer Aided Management Emergency Operations (CAMEO) software donwloadable from EPA (Free):

EPA's "List of Lists"

An alphabetical list of EHS (Extremely Hazardous Substances) and their TPQ's (Threshold Planning Quantities) as identified by EPA

Filing Tier II's - Wyoming is now a One-Stop Shop!


If you are filing a Tier II report for the first time, please note that you are required to report "the presence of the chemical in a reportable quantity" within 60 days of it's first arrival.

Following the initial filing, you are required to file Tier II reports by March 1st of each calendar year for the previous 12 month calendar year (January-December).

There are no filing fees charged in Wyoming.

Beginning in 2017, Wyoming's SERC has changed the rules...no longer do you have to file with the SERC, LEPC's and Fire Departments with Jurisdiction!  Now, you just use the state's on-line portal and they take care of getting it distributed to all three entities.

If you have questions, please contact David King at (307) 686-7477

The Wyoming SERC website is here