Campbell County Penny Power: Your Pennies at Work

The One Percent Sales Tax (Penny Power) was first passed by the voters of Campbell County in 1976. In the 4o-plus years the tax has been in place it has been used to support projects such as:

  • County Road Maintenance & Pavement Management
  • Emergency & Safety Equipment
  • Senior Citizens Programs
  • Youth Programs & Equipment
  • Capital Facilities Maintenance & Repair
  • Human Services & External Service Providers
  • Solid Waste Operations
  • Economic Development
  • District Support Grants
  • Capital Replacement Reserve
  • Public School Security Measures
  • Veterans Services

Penny Power Tax 2022

Campbell County, the City of Gillette and the Town of Wright, have contracted the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce to complete the 2022 Citizen's Survey for the One Percent Tax. The survey will be mailed out to all registered voters in Campbell County and will be collected until September 16, 2022. After the deadline, the Chamber of Commerce will compile the results which will be shared on this page.  

Penny Power Citizen Surveys

Campbell County One Percent Resolutions

One Percent Spending Categories Approved in 2022 Money Spent
County Road Maintenance
Emergency & Safety Equipment Including Fire $1,293,372.40
Veterans Services $2,345.00
Public School Security $310,500.10
Senior Citizens $262,462.00
District Support Grants $88,357.06
Solid Waste Operations $115,090.28
Youth Programs & Equipment $41,615.46
Human Services & External Service Providers including Substance Abuse $733,260.31
Capital Facilities Maintenance & Repair $10,603.15
Capital Replacement Reserve $3,269,453.08
Total Amount Spent for 2023 to End of 3 Quarter 2023  $6,690,604.38

Wyoming Statutes 39-15-203 through 39-15-204, established by the Wyoming Legislature, outline how the Penny Power tax can be imposed, as well as the limitations of the tax.

One Percent Funding Acknowledgement