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Levels of Support:

Your sponsorship supports the Campbell County Senior Citizens Foundation, Inc., ensuring that it will continue to grow and prosper. All donations are welcome and are tax deductible.

$25 - $100
Bronze Partner
$101 - $250
Silver Partner
$251 - $500
Gold Partner
$501 - $1,000
Platinum Partner
$1,001 - $2,500
Corporate Silver
$2,501 - $5,000
Corporate Gold
$5,001 - $10,000
Corp. Platinum
$10,001 - $25,000
Legacy Partner


The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to build sources of future income for the Campbell County Senior Citizens™ Foundation, Inc.

You may participate via:

  • A bequest, leaving a gift through your will can be done in various ways:
  • A specific asset such as shares of a common stock you own.
  • A dollar amount, either a fixed dollar amount (such as $10,000)
  • or a percentage (such as 10% of a residuary estate).
  • A contingency bequest. If your primary beneficiary predeceases you, you may leave a designated sum.
  • A Trust transfer/Direct transfer

Gifts of Stocks and Bonds - Funding of charitable giving with appreciated stocks and bonds can be very helpful to both the donor and the Foundation.

Royalties and Interest of Oil & Gas

For more information about donations and sponsorship opportunities, contact a Foundation board member at the Campbell County Senior Center, 307-686-0804.

Through the endowment, your generosity can endure for ALL GENERATIONS

2020-2021 Foundation Board Members

Robin Bailey, Chairman

Nello Williams, Vice Chairman

Sam Bennett, Treasurer

Toni Friedly, Secretary

Doug Wahl, Member

Alicia Heckel, Member

Donna Mankin, Member

Tom Butler, Member

Jason Jensen, Member