Raptor Symposium

2017 Raptor Symposium

Symposium Background

In 2015, Campbell County, in partnership with principal stakeholders, hosted the first Raptor Symposium. The symposium focused on the science needed to strike a better balance between raptor habitat and energy development. Members of the scientific community, academia, energy industry, and government identified crucial barriers that, if addressed, would have a significant impact by balancing the best ecological protections with the most cost-effective measures.

The 2017 Raptor Symposium built upon on the efforts of the 2015 Symposium and expanded the commitment to science-based natural resource management. The 2017 Symposium resulted in the five key areas of prioritization including, The 2019 Raptor Symposium reviewed progress on the areas of prioritization, in addition to reviewing current policy directives and exploring innovative ideas for implementing raptor protections.

Since the 2019 symposium, the RWG has continued its efforts to finalize a standardized datasheet and codes and develop a centralized raptor nest observation database. The 2021 Raptor Symposium's focus is to explore and explain how the datasheet, codes and database can be used for future raptor nest observation collection.

2021 Virtual Raptor Symposium

(Was held February 18, 2021)


2021 Virtual Raptor Symposium Agenda


Raptor Symposium Proceedings