Notice of Assessment

A Notice of Assessment is not a tax bill, but an informational document that explains what a person can expect for valuation and tax purposes when the Treasurer’s Office mails their tax notices in September.

It is also an opportunity for a property owner to review what information the Assessor’s Office has on file that pertains to the property described on the Notice of Assessment and discuss that with the Assessor’s Office within 30 days of the date posted on the assessment, including:

  • Correct owner as of January 1st, current year
  • Correct mailing address
  • Correct situs address
  • Correct tax district
  • Correct legal description
  • Property details
  • Fair Value

Some other things to note on the Notice of Assessment are terms used when valuing and assessing property. Please review the image below which defines commons terms on the notice of assessment form. The image below is available at a larger size, if needed.

Notice of Assessment example image