Property Tax History

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We have access to Property Tax History for your Tax Preparation.

Browse to the Campbell County Assessor's Property Search

  • Read and Agree to the Disclaimer
  • Search by Owner Name: Provide only the last name & if you don't know how to spell it, then only provide the first few characters or company name.
  • Search by Street (Physical) Address: NEVER include direction "N", "S", "E" or "W" (North, South, East or West) and if the street address is a number street such as; 410 W 4-J, use 410 Four J.
  • Select Parcel to View: Choose the Parcel number
  • Parcel Details: Click on Tax Detail
  • Parcel Tax Detail: Click on Tax History
  • Scroll to previous years, review the tax year you are preparing taxes for & use the amounts that were paid in that tax year