For a Program or a Class

General registration guidelines for programs and classes!

  1. Complete the patron information and/ or registration forms. 
  2. Programs having special registration dates are noted under that program in the brochure and online. You can register for most programs online although some programs are walk-in registration only. 
  3. Please be sure to read your receipt for the explanation of your registration status and call us if you have any questions.
  4. Walk-in registrations will not be accepted prior to the specified dates listed.
  5. Walk-in registrations will be accepted at the Recreation Center Control Desk. No phone or mail-in registrations will be taken.
  6. You may register for a session ONLY during its designated time period.
  7. Registration in person or online must have the signature of a parent and/or guardian for anyone under the age of 18. All signatures are electronically signed and stored during the registration process. 
Online Registration for Activities

Parks and Recreation offers online registration for activities, you must have a username and password to access our online registration WebTrac. A current account and email is all that is needed to request a username.

Tee times can also be made online during the season at Bell Nob Golf Course as long as you have a current username and password. If you need to request a username and password, please call the control desk at any of our facilities and the information can be emailed to you.

The Patron Information Form can be printed and brought in, emailed or faxed. Email to Darla Cotton at or Matt Blakesley at or Fax to 307-682-7050.


Refunds will be issued as a credit unless the individual specifically requests a refund in the form of a check from the County Treasurer’s office. Refund checks will be mailed every Friday.


CCPR will issue a full refund for the following:
  • A class, program, or trip is canceled by the department due to insufficient enrollment.
  • A medical reason/note is provided by a doctor prior to the start of the class, program, trip or pass.
  • A request by the parent or participant is made at least one day prior to the start of the program, class or trip. 


CCPR will issue a partial refund for the following:
  • A medical/note is provided by a doctor during the class, program or pass. Passes include memberships, tanning passes and punch cards.
  • A request is made after the first meeting of the class or program and prior to the second meeting.
  • No Refunds will be issued after the completion of a full session, program, trip or a pass that has expired.
  • No Refunds on 15% Pass Sales. 
NOTE: Partial refunds will be pro-rated by the amount of time remaining for the class, program, pass or punch card. Punch cards expire one year from date of issue.

Refunds are subject to a $2 administrative fee.
The following waiver must be signed electronically when registering for any program, class or pass.  Without consent, participation will not be allowed.

Waiver of Liability 

I hereby give consent for emergency medical care prescribed by a duly licensed doctor of medicine or doctor of dentistry for myself or any members listed in my household including but not limited to my children, spouse, parents, and/or partner. This care may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve the life, limb, or well-being of myself, my child or anyone in my household. In consideration of your accepting this entry or registration, I hereby waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages my child, or person in my household or I may accrue against Campbell County or its departments or employees, Campbell County School District and any representatives, successors, and assigns, for any and all injuries suffered by myself or my child while participating in this activity, using our facilities or parks. I understand that injuries may include, but are not limited to: broken bones, concussions, injuries to joints, spinal injury, broken teeth, loss of vision, injury to internal organs, exposure to weather conditions and problems caused by physical stress.

Media Consent

I hereby grant permission to Campbell County Parks and Recreation (CCPR) to use my, my children's or members of my household's photograph, videotaped image, quotes/comments, and name for publicity and/or educational purposes in any and all publications and media without limitation or reservation.

CCPR reserves the right to revoke use of facilities, programs, classes and/or membership privileges of any patron with our without cause.