Guardianship / Conservator Forms & Reports

Temporary Guardianship of Related Minor Child

The AARP of Wyoming and the Casey Foundation have made available forms and instructions to file for temporary guardianship of related minor child. These forms, as well as related information, are available online, at no charge, at Wyoming's AARP online resource. The packet of forms and instructions is also available at this office for $5.

Conservator & Guardian Reports

Guardian's Report

Please read the statute below for the requirements on the contents of report and the frequency of filing reports.

3-2-109. Guardian's Report
  • The guardian shall present to the court and file in the guardianship proceedings a signed, written, report on the physical condition, including level of disability or functional incapacity, principal residence, treatment, care, and activities of the ward, as well as providing a description of those actions the guardian has taken on behalf of the ward:
    • Within six months of the guardian's appointment
    • Every six months following the initial report
    • Within 30 days of his removal or resignation from, or the termination of, the guardianship
    • At other times as the court may order
  • The court shall maintain a calendar for the filing of guardianship reports
  • If a guardian's report is not timely filed, the court shall enter an order for the guardian to show cause why the guardian should not be held in contempt

Conservator’s Report

Please read the statutes below for the requirements on the contents of report and the frequency of filing reports.

3-3-901. Conservator Shall Report & Account
  • A conservator shall present to the court and file in the conservatorship proceedings a written verified report and accounting of his administration:
    • Annually, within sixty days following the anniversary date of his appointment, unless the court otherwise orders on good cause shown
    • Upon filing his resignation and before his resignation is accepted by the court
    • Within thirty days following the date of his removal
    • Within sixty days following the date of termination of the conservatorship, unless that time is extended by the court
    • At other times as the court may order
3-3-902. Requirement of Report & Accounting
  • The report and accounting required by W.S. 3-3-901 shall account for all of the assets, property and income of the ward during the period since the close of the last previous accounting, and shall include the following information so far as applicable:
    • The balance of funds on hand at the close of the previous accounting, and all amounts received from whatever source during the period covered by the accounting
    • An itemized account of all disbursements made during the period covered by the accounting
    • Changes in investments since the last previous report, including a list of all assets and recommendations of the conservator for the retention or disposition of any property held by the conservator
    • The amount of the bond of the conservator and the name of the surety
    • The residence or physical location of the ward
    • The general physical and mental conditions of the ward
    • A description of those duties the conservator is exercising under W.S. 3-3-606 and 3-3-607
    • Such other information necessary to show the condition of the affairs of the conservatorship