Child Support

Changing or Enforcing an Existing Order

If you have questions about changing or enforcing your existing order, please contact a private attorney. Child Support Services of Wyoming may also be able to assist you;  however, they will not assist you with custody issues. See **Helpful Numbers**  for these numbers.

Questions About Payments

If you have questions about your payments, please contact this office after 2pm.

Income Withholding Orders & Notices to Payor

Employers may be ordered to withhold income for child support as directed by court orders and wage withholding notices filed by case participants or their attorney. These payments may be adjusted to fit the pay schedule of the employee.  Campbell County payments may be made to either  the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) located in Cheyenne at : 2300 Capitol Ave., 5th Floor Suite A, Cheyenne WY 82003  or our office at: Clerk of District Court, PO Box 817 Gillette WY 82717. If you have questions call SDU: 1-888-570-9914 or CDC: 307-682-3424.

Forms & Additional Information

Access the child support forms resource for documents that may assist you in processes related to child support.