Clerk of District Court

Official Duties

The Clerk of District Court is responsible for maintaining and preserving the record of all cases filed in the Sixth Judicial District Court, Campbell County. The clerk has many duties, which include the opening of cases, processing of pleadings and court ordered payments, as well as the administration of appeals and jury trials.

ELECTRONIC filing effective July 01, 2023

Rule 5 of Wyoming Rules of Civil Procedure are amended as follows:

  1. Fax and e-mail filings are permitted with the exceptions of:
    • Initial Pleadings (Complaints or Petitions)
    • Filing fee is required upon opening a new case
    • Confidential Documents (Containing personal identifiers, e.g. S.S.# and D.O.B.)
    • Clerk may reject confidential and unredacted filings
  2. $1.00 per page will be assessed
    • Payment is to be mailed within 24 hours and may be stricken by the Judge if not received within 10 days.
    • E-mail may not exceed 50 pages and pages will need to be numbered.
  3. E-mail may not include more than one case
    • Subject line of e-mail must indicate case number
    • Each pleading to be a separate PDF file
  4. Filer will be charged for any cost incurred as a result of a transmitted virus
  5. Original documents are no longer required
    • Scanned or conformed signatures are required
  6. Please refer to Rule 5 for more details or call 307-682-3424 to speak to a clerk with questions.

Email filings submit to: 

Fax Filings submit to: 307-687-6209

Active Jury Participants

If you have questions about jury duty and feel you are in a high risk category for Corona virus, please give our office a call at 307-682-3424.

The Clerk of District Court office is handicap accessible. There are 2 elevators located in the courthouse.

Hearing assistance is available in each of the District Court courtrooms.