3-5 Year Olds 

The following steps may occur in the process of receiving early intervention services:
  • A child has been through a developmental screening and the parents and team have concerns with an area(s) of development.
  • A full evaluation takes place indicating an area(s) of delay.
  • The parent and team create an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and develop individual goals.
Meal time

Inclusive Classrooms

Campbell County has made a commitment to provide fully inclusive classrooms for children with disabilities. Full inclusion means educating children with disabilities within the regular education environment. This provides developmentally disabled children opportunities to interact with their non-disabled peers to promote maximum developmental growth. Teachers and therapists work together to provide for the unique needs of each child.

Preschool Program

The early intervention preschool program operates September through July, with scheduled holiday and break periods. Closure notification will be given in advance. Services are provided while children participate in the inclusive classroom following the curriculum and daily routine. Interventions are integrated and embedded within the daily context. Specialists consult with classroom teachers while working in the classroom.

Transportation Assistance

Transportation is available for qualifying families. Children can be provided services in other community based preschools as well as in their child care facility.