Sirens - (This is a Warning System)

Campbell County has an investment of nearly $750,000 (provided by One-Percent Sales Tax funds) in 20 Public Warning Sirens...16 in the Gillette, Wyoming area and four located in Wright, Wyoming.

These Whelen Engineering sirens are all solar and battery powered and radio controlled from the Campbell County Emergency Operations Center located at the Sheriff's Office in Gillette.

Siren Messages
The sirens are both voice and tone capable, and you will only hear one of three messages when they are set off:

  1. “This is a Test of the Emergency Warning System” (Warning Tones Sound)
  2. “This is a Tornado Warning. Seek shelter Immediately and tune to your local radio stations for information” (Warning Tones Sound)
  3. “A Hazardous Materials Incident has occurred. Go inside and close your doors and windows and tune to your local radio stations for information” (Warning Tones Sound)
When are the sirens tested?

The system has a "silent" test option, which allows us to send out activation signals and receive status reports from each site without sounding the tones or broadcasting the voice messages.

Because that doesn't exercise the amplifiers or drivers on the siren speakers, it is necessary to test them regularly by actually setting them off.

Monthly Tests
Campbell County's Public Warning Sirens are typically tested on the second Tuesday of each month.

Wright, Wyoming
The test for Wright is conducted at 8:15 a.m.

Gillette, Wyoming
The test for Gillette is conducted at 10:30 a.m.

Siren Activation Criteria

The warning sirens are sounded when:

  • There is an imminent threat to the area served by the siren(s) being sounded. If the threat is in an area not covered by the siren system and is moving away from the area served, it is likely the system will not be activated.
  • After being sounded, the sirens DO NOT continue to sound until the threat passes. They go off, sound the alert, then shut down after completing their cycle.
  • No "All Clear" tones or messages are sounded. It will be your decision as to whether the threat has safely passed your area.

A Campbell County Warning Siren