State Statute, CCEMA Mission, Goals

Emergency Management is created by State Law

Wyoming Statute 19-13-108 states:

  • Each political subdivision of this state shall establish a local homeland security program in accordance with the state homeland security plan and program.
  • Each local homeland security program shall have a coordinator appointed by the governor upon the recommendation of the local jurisdiction.
  • The coordinator has direct responsibility for the organization, administration and operation of the local homeland security program subject to the direction and control of the local jurisdiction under the general direction of the governor.


The Mission of the Campbell County Emergency Management Agency is to reduce the loss of life and property and protect our citizens and institutions from all hazards by leading and supporting the county in a comprehensive, risk-based emergency management program of Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.


The following goals shape CCEMA's priorities and policies:

  • To create an emergency partnership with other county agencies, local, state and federal governments, volunteer organizations and the private sector
  • To establish in concert with those partners, a county emergency management system that is comprehensive, risk-based and all hazards in approach
  • To make mitigation the foundation of the county emergency management system
  • To provide a rapid and effective response to any disaster or emergency
  • To focus at all times upon effective delivery of service to the citizens of Campbell County