1. Local History
  2. Origins of Emergency Management
  3. About Emergency Management

The Campbell County Emergency Services Agency was created by Campbell County and the City of Gillette on April 5th, 1973.

There is no clear record of when the agency officially became the Campbell County Emergency Management Agency, but six years after the agency was created, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was activated on April 1st, 1979.

Campbell County’s Emergency Management Coordinators

  • Robert Ernst - 1977-80
  • David Muller
  • David Holland
  • Marty Hildebrand
  • Rich Hauber
  • Tom Johnson
  • David King - October 1st, 1997 to Present

Municipal Coordinators

Wyoming State Law requires "each jurisdiction" appoint an "Emergency Management Coordinator." 

  • Police Lieutenant Kelly Algers is the Coordinator for the City of Gillette
  • Robby Gallob is the Coordinator for the Town of Wright