Ice Skating Lessons

2023/2024 Learn To Skate ProgramLearn to Skate - Coaches

Campbell County Parks and Recreation Department offers Learn to Skate Lessons for children ages 4 and up. Whether you are a future figure skater, future hockey player, or just want to enjoy open skate time safely, join our Learn to Skate program to learn to ice skate and have tons of fun. As skater's progress, instructors will automatically advance them through these levels.

Location: Spirit Hall Ice Arena

Session 1: Sept 25, 2023 - Nov 15, 2023
Registration: July 31, 2023 - Sept 13, 2023

Session 2: Jan 15, 2024 - February 28, 2024
Registration: Nov 14, 2023 - December 28, 2023

DaysMondays & Wednesdays

Fee: $90 per student

$110 for Figure Skating Intermediate and Advanced; these two classes include additional practice times.

*All participants are required to wear helmets, gloves and long pants on ice. Bike helmets are sufficient.*
 *Registration is held in Person Only.


Learning to get on the ice. Learning to move across the width of the ice. Being able to get up off the ice. To have a basic grasp of balance. All of these tasks will be performed without assistance of a teacher. 

Figure Skating Beginner

Figure skating beginner will focus on edge work, additional control skating both forward and backwards. They will practice forward swizzles and backward wiggles. And also work on snowplow stops, rocking horses and dips. 

Figure Skating Basic

Figure Skating Basic will work on forward one foot glides (R & L). They will work on backward swizzles, two foot turn from forward to backward in place, moving snowplow stop. While also learning forward alternating swizzles, forward stroking, forward half swizzle pumps on a circle. Moving forward to backward two-foot turns, backward one foot glides, forward slalom and two foot spins.

Figure Skating Intermediate

Intermediate will work on backward outside edge on a circle, backward inside edge on a circle, backward crossovers. They will practice beginning one foot spin, side toe hop, forward inside three turn, a T-stop, hockey stop and bunny hop. As well as a forward spiral, forward lunge, forward inside open Mohawk. A backward outside edge to forward outside edge transition on a circle.

Figure Skating Advanced

Placement by instructor is necessary. 

Please note that these classes are not one-on-one private lessons.